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    Jeng Shi was founded in 2011 in Taiwan. We have branches in 3 provinces in China. All of the plants are with ISO9001 & ISO14001 & TS16949 quality system.

Our magnetic product portfolio includes EMI ferrite core, power
inductor, EMI choke, RF inductor & RF transformer, power transformer.

The overall site area is up to 20000M
2, there are more than 2000 workers and 150 Indirect employees including 22 design engineers and 26 QA staffs.

The plant has more than 320 sets automation machines.

*Our R&D team possesses a high level of expertise in the development and production of customized solutions based on our customers specific requirements.

*By controlling the entire QA process along with product development and manufacturing Jeng Shi ensures that your product will as meeting the highest possible manufacturing quality and consistency.

*Good project management is the core of every successful project, and the key is good

*Jeng Shi takes a proactive role to manage and track your project form start to finish in order to deliver the product at the right time, cost and quality.

*In order to be cost competitive Jeng Shi operates a unique lean model where we have minimized any unnecessary costs.

We focus our resourecs where they are needed and where they can add the most value.